Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Date, PC System Requirements, Trailer, Gameplay

Dragon’s Dogma 2, the much-anticipated game, will be released soon, and we have included a lot of details to know about the game in this post. So stay connected to know Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Date, PC System Requirements, Trailer, and Gameplay.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Date

Dragon’s Dogma is an action role-playing game series developed by Capcom Studio. During the tenth anniversary of the action RPG hack-and-slash game Dragon’s Dogma, the director Hideaki Itsuno announced the sequel Dragon’s Dogma 2 to be released soon.

The gamers in the game take up the role of Arisen, a customizable avatar whose heart has been robbed by a dragon. Thus, in order to reclaim their heart, the player makes various choices that eventually impact the game world.

Dragon’s Dogma is set in a high fantasy world of Gransys. The player Arisen is on a quest to defeat the Gragin Grigori, meanwhile uncovering a deeper conspiracy along the way. The original game, released on May 22, 2012, has been praised for its gameplay, while the narrative was criticized as lacking.

Still, the gamers are desperately awaiting the release of the second edition of the game. But the game is far away from now as it is currently in production, and there is no release date set.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Highlights

Video Game Dragon’s Dogma 2
Developed and Published  by Capcom
Genre Action role-playing,
hack and slash
Mode Single-player
Directors Hideaki Itsuno
Kento Kinoshita
Producers Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Minae Matsukawa
Designer Yoichiro Ikeda
Programmer Yoshiharu Nakao
Original Game Release Date May 22, 2012
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Date Not yet known

Dragon’s Dogma 2 PC System Requirements

The original Dragon’s Dogma 2 was first released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but the enhanced version, Dark Arisen, was released later for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Now, prior to the release date, gamers want to know the system requirements for the upcoming game.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Release Date

It is anticipated that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be accessible for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For the players who are interested to know the system requirements, we have compiled them in the table below.

Systems Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
Memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Operating System Windows Vista or newer (32 or 64-bit) Windows 7/8/10
Network  Broadband Internet connection Broadband Internet connection
Processor Intel Core i5 660 CPU or equivalent  Intel Core i7-4770K or equivalent
Graphics Radeon HD 5870 or equivalent NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or equivalent
Storage 20 GB available space 20 GB available space
DirectX Version 9.0c Version 9.0c
Sound Card DirectX-compatible sound card or onboard audio chip DirectX-compatible sound card or onboard audio chip

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trailer

We have already clarified above that the video game is currently in its production phase, and there is no news of it coming into the market this year.

Rumours of the second edition of the video game arose due to the fact that some of the documents of the developer company got leaked. In one of the leaked documents, there was a list of the release schedule of the upcoming games. Among the list, Dragon Dogma 2 is available.

But for the fans who might be wondering, will Drgaon’s Dogma 2 come? For them, the good news is that the coming of the RPG Game has been made official, and an announcement trailer has also been released.

The trailer is now accessible on the YouTube channel. This time, the director promised to improve the gaming experience five times from the previous version.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gameplay

The developer company Capcom, at the 2023 Tokyo Game Show, unveiled the nine-minute gameplay of the upcoming video game. The fantasy action RPG game is currently under development for PlayStation, Xbox Series XIS, and PC. The video game is set to be a single-player, narrative-driven RPG, the same as the original game.

The major focus of the game is that it enables the gamers to use their imagination to inscribe a unique experience through the gameplay. The adventure kicks off with the creation of an artificial fantasy character, Arisen, choosing from the vocations: Archer, Fighter, Thief, and Mage.

As the game continues, more vocations will unlock in the game, which is exclusive to the player Arisen. The gamers will now have the option to change the vocation of their Arisen and main pawn at any time they wish.

To have detailed knowledge of the video game, visit the official website of Dragon’s Dogma 2. The link has been shared below.

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