Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes 2023 Images, Quotes, Status, Messages, Shayari

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes 2023 Images, Quotes, Status, Messages, Shayari and Greetings can be checked from here. If you wanna greet your loved ones with the Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes 2023 then you can get quotes from here.

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi, the Birthday of lord Ganesha, is coming on 19th September, 2023. Lord Ganesha is known as “Vignaharta,” who removes sadness and obstacles from life.

On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, people celebrate this festival full of joy, excitement, and happiness. Read this article for further information regarding the story of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi wishes 2023

  • On this day of lord Ganesha, may your life be filled with happiness, joy, good health, wealth, and togetherness.
  • May the Bappa gives you the strength to face every phase of life with a smile.
  • Lord Ganesha is always with you in every stage, every phase, and every step of life.
  • May Ganpati Bappa bless you and your family and enlighten your life.

Why do we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

Ganesh Chaturthi is the day of lord Ganesha. We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi to memorize that ganesha – eliminates all our problems and is always with us and to greet them for their immense support and blessing.

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes

The curiosity of this festival astonishes everyone. The craze of Ganesh Chaturthi will start several days before the festival.

Ganesh Chaturthi Status

Topic name

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023


19th September 2023

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Festival / Event

Some names of Ganesh Ji

Vakratunda, Ekdant, Bhalchandra, Vikata, Lambodara, Vinayaka, Vignaharta , and more.

Father’s Name

Lord Shiva

Mother’s Name

Goddess Parvati

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How do we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

The way of Celebration varies according to the place. In some homes, people set up the idol of Lord Ganesha for ten days, and in some areas, pandals are set up with beautiful decorations. People worship Lord Ganesha with their whole heart. On the last day – Ganpati Visarjan, the idol of Ganesh ji, will immersed saying, “Ganpati Bappa Morya, Agle Baras tu jaldi aa”.

Ganesh Chaturthi Images 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi Status

Ganesh Chaturthi Quotes

Ganesh Chaturthi Images

Ganesh Chaturthi Quotes 2023

We are sharing some Ganesh Chaturthi quotes with you all with the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

  • आपको जीवंत और आनंदमय गणेश चतुर्थी की शुभकामनाएं। भगवान गणेश का आशीर्वाद सदैव आप पर बना रहे।
  • वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सुरकोटि समप्रभ, निर्विघ्नं मे देवा सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा, गणेश चतुर्थी की शुभकामनाएँ।
  • भगवान गणेश आपकी रक्षा करे, आपका मार्गदर्शन करे और आपको प्रचुर अवसर प्रदान करे। गणेश चतुर्थी की शुभकामनाएँ!
  • Happy Gowri Ganesh..! May god let you to the path of honesty and success.
  • May your prayers to Gowri and Ganesha be answered with boundless happiness and welfare this year.

Ganesh Chaturthi Status 2023

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  • गणपति बप्पा हर मुश्किल आसान करें, सभी भक्तों को एक जैसा प्यार करें।
  • Ganpati Bappa mourya , agle Baras tu jaldi aa..!
  • As per the trend, you can also share some trendy ganpati songs and bhajans like Deva Shree Ganesha, Mourya Re, and Deva Ho Deva.
  • May the lord of wisdom shower us with endless blessings and divine guidance.
  • Dance to the beats, enjoy the sweets, and divulge in the blessings of Lord Ganesha!

Ganesh Chaturthi Messages 2023

  • May you find all the delights of life, and your dreams come true. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi..!
  • May your happiness be as immense as Ganesha’s hunger. May your life be as long as his trunk, and all your moments are as sweet as his laddoos.
  • May the Vignaharta remove the obstacles of your life and inspire you with creativity, Ganpati Bappa Mourya..!
  • May this Ganesh Chaturthi bring a promising future, a successful life and a lot of happy moments with your family.
  • In the divine presence of Ganesha’s slogan, may we find our objective, peace and passion.

Ganesh Chaturthi Shayari 2023

  • भक्ति गणपति, शक्ति गणपति, सिद्धि गणपति, लक्ष्मी गणपति, महा गणपति, देवो में श्रेष्ठ मेरे गणपति !
  • भगवान श्री गणेश की कृपा आप पर बनी रहे हर दम हर कार्य में सफलता मिले जीवन में ना आये कोई गम!
  • कोई कार्य करने से पहले बप्पा को मनाना पड़ता है, जहां गूंजे नाम गणपति, बप्पा को आना ही पड़ता है !
  • दिल से जो भी माँगेगा मिलेगा,ये गणेश जी का दरबार है ,देवो के देवो वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय को अपने हर भक्त से प्यार है!
  • हर शुभ काम में पहली पूजा हो तेरी, कोई सुने ना सुने तू हर बात सुनता है मेरी। करूँ वंदन तुझे और करूँ आरती तेरी, इंतज़ार तेरे दिन का करे अखियाँ मेरी !

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family.

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