Asian Games Medal Tally 2023 Gold, Silver, Bronze Count Country Wise

You will get the essential information on Asian Games Medal Tally 2023, Asian Games Gold Medal Tally, Asian Games Silver Medal Tally, Asian Games Bronze Medal Tally Count Country Wise from here. In this article, we will be discussing about Asian Games Medal Tally, including India and other Asian Countries.

Asian Games Medal Tally 2023

To date, India has achieved a total of 33 medals in the country. These comprise 13 bronze, 8 gold, and 13 bronze. This data is from 29 September 2023. In comparison to the previous victories of our country, the Asian Games have been more victorious.

Our country is occupying the relevant space in sports and activities such as Athletics, Weightlifting, Shooting, Skating, Eventing Dressage Routine, and more. Continue reading the article to know more about the Asian Games Medal Tally 2023.

Medal Tally Asian Games 2023

India has received a Silver in Shooting against China by Sarabjot Singh and Divya on Day 7. This was a 10m air pistol (team final). On the contrary, Golf is also on our side with the best efforts given by Aditi Ashok.

Asian Games Medal Tally

Moving ahead in athletics, in the men’s category, Murali Shree Shankar made it to the finals and in the women’s category, Jyothi Yarraji & Nithya qualified for the 100m hurdles final.

  • Squash: The Indian participants have reached the finals and will be preparing for a Gold
  • Hockey: Maybe reach the semi-final
  • Badminton: Men’s team will face South Korea in the semi-finals
  • Weightlifting: Mirabai Chanu takes an enter for 49kg weightlifting that has started her journey to win a medal

The continuous efforts of India towards winning the Asian Games Medals is in progress. As you have read in this section, the players are using an effective approach to achieve victory.

Asian Games India Medal Tally 2023

Article Title Asian Games Medal Tally
Game Asian Games
Edition 19
Asian Games 2023 Start and End Date 23 September 2023 to 8 October 2023
Venue Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium
Host Hangzhou, China
Total Events in the Asian Games 481 (40 Sports)
Total Venues 44
Total Medals 3 (Gold, Bronze, and Silver)
Countries who have participated in the present year 45 Countries and Territories

Asian Games Medal Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal tally 2023

In all, 45 Countries and Territories have participated in the Asian Games 2023. Considering the specifics of the Asian Games India Medal Tally, India is leading in competition with other countries. This an excellent piece of news

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze
1 China 107 65 33
2 Japan 28 36 37
3 South Korea 27 28 51
4 India 8 13 13
5 Thailand 8 3 9

The table above represents the latest medals of the top 5 countries who are playing in the Asian Games.

Trending in Asian Games 2023 Cricket

We are sharing the latest news for our readers about the Asian Games Cricket 2023 Schedule. Zhejiang University of Technology, Pingfeng, will be the host for all the cricket matches that will be played in the Asian Games 2023. The game started on 27 September with the participation of various groups as mentioned below:

Groups Squads/Countries
Group A Nepal, Maldives, Mongolia, Cambodia
Group B Hong Kong, Japan, China, Japan
Group C Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Afghanistan
Group D India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan

The participating teams are well prepared for the matches. They will be using a proper strategy to secure their win. The schedule for the Cricket Match is shared below:

Schedule Cricket Teams Time 
27 Sept Nepal Vs. Mongolia Early morning around 6:30 AM
Cambodia Vs. Japan 11:30 AM
28 Sept Singapore Vs. Malaysia Early morning around 6:30 AM
Mongolia Vs. Maldives 11:30 AM
29 Sept Hong Kong Vs Cambodia Early morning around 6:30 AM
Singapore vs Thailand 11:30 AM
1 Oct Nepal Vs. Maldives Early morning around 6:30 AM
Hong Kong vs Japan 11:30 AM
2 Oct Malaysia Vs. Thailand Early morning around 6:30 AM
3 Oct India vs. TBC Early morning around 6:30 AM
Pakistan vs TBC 11:30 AM
4 Oct Sri Lanka vs TBC Early morning around 6:30 AM
Bangladesh vs TBC 11:30 AM
6 Oct Semi-Final 1 Early morning around 6:30 AM
Semi-Final 2 11:30 AM
7 Oct Third place playoff Early morning around 6:30 AM
Final 11:30 AM

Everyone is waiting to watch the much-awaited match of the Asian Games 2023. Continue browsing our website to know the latest information.

Asian Games Men’s Cricket Points Table 2023

A Points Table is helpful in knowing the net run rate of a particular team of the relevant matches.

Groups  Team Name  Matches Played  Points  Net Run Rate 
A Maldives 1 2 (plus) 6.300
Mongolia 2 0 (minus) 11.575
Nepal 1 2 (plus) 13.650
B Japan 1 2 (plus) 0.686
Hong Kong China 1 2 (plus) 9.357
Cambodia 2 0 (minus) 3.500
C Thailand 1 0 (minus) 4.950
Malaysia 1 2 (plus) 3.650
Singapore 2 2 (minus) 0.650

The top teams from this men’s cricket match will be playing as “Group D”. Thus, the data is not updated in the table above.

Countries with Top Rank in Asian Games

The details of the Asian Games Gold Medal Tally suggest that in the previous year, the top 10 countries have performed well. We have shared a list of these in the table below for your reference.

Ranking Country Total Number of Medals
1st China 173
2nd South Korea 88
3rd Japan 82
4th Hong Kong 32
5th Uzbekistan 31
6th India 32
7th Thailand 19
8th Indonesia 14
9th Chinese Taipei 16
10th Iran 22

The table above represents the data of the past year. We will soon update this information on for your ease.

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