Lunar Eclipse October 2023 in India Date and Time, Astrology, Meaning

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Lunar Eclipse October 2023

Celestial events have fascinated people for centuries. The events are linked with astronomy, a deep sense of wonder, and myths. This is why people are curious to know about them. The double stellar event will take place in October this year, with a Solar Eclipse on October 14 and a Lunar Eclipse on October 28. Our article delves into all related information, particularly about the Lunar Eclipse of October 2023.

The Lunar Eclipse will be witnessed in the places where the Moon is above the horizon. Hence, the countries in which the Eclipse will be seen include Asia, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, Russia, America, and Oceania.

Lunar Eclipse October 2023 India Date and Time

The Lunar Eclipse of October 2023 begins at 11:31 pm, according to Indian Standard Time, and will end at 3:36 am. Therefore, according to the English calendar, the Lunar Eclipse starts on October 28 and ends on October 29, 2023. The Lunar Eclipse is an interesting sight to watch and, in astrology, affects each zodiac sign. This time, the Lunar Eclipse will be seen from almost the entire parts of the world.

Lunar Eclipse October 2023

It will be visible in India’s southwest sky from New Delhi, the nation’s capital. The moon will be 62 degrees above the horizon when the eclipse is at its strongest. The Lunar Eclipse will occur between 00:06 and 02:23 IST as the Moon travels into the Earth’s shadow. Around the time of the greatest eclipse, which can be viewed in India around 1:45 a.m., 12% of the lunar surface will be obscured.

Lunar Eclipse October 2023 in Astrology

The Lunar Eclipse is exciting and a matter of interest for any astronomer or astronomy enthusiast. To see such an event is no less than a miracle, and you won’t forget easily. The Lunar Eclipse has a special connection to Indian astrologers. In astronomy, an Eclipse is termed Grahan, and a Lunar Eclipse is called Chandra Grahan. The period in which the shadow is formed on the Lunar surface is known as the Sutak period. It is deemed that one should not eat and sleep during this period.

They normally happen four to six times during a year. The Eclipse’s energy mostly prevails for a week or after, and the consequence lasts up to three months as well as three years later.

In ancient times, people believed that they were indications of bad things to come, like war, storms, starvation, etc. But the modern astronomers believe that they are the signs of opportunities for development.

Talking about the Lunar Eclipse, astronomers viewed it as a transformative occurrence that has the power to result in swift and sudden transformation. The Lunar Eclipse marks the end of the emotional cycle and stimulates us to let go of presumptions that are no longer needed.

Lunar Eclipse October 2023 Meaning

Scientifically, when the Earth is in the epicenter of the Sun and Moon, a Lunar Eclipse takes place by throwing a shadow on the moon’s surface. The Lunar Eclipse is intriguing to watch as it occurs very infrequently and only during a full moon. Additionally, the cosmic event is more exhilarating as it will be visual from most of the world.

The celestial event holds significant importance both scientifically and astronomically. The cosmic wonder impact this time is giving positive signs so far. It is believed that the Lunar Eclipse of October 2023 will welcome new opportunities for growth and development. But people believing in astronomy should adhere to the Sutak rules and, meanwhile, witness the cosmic wonder.

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