Odisha Cyclone Alert – Expected Route Map, Speed, Eye, Timings

Read the critical details of Odisha Cyclone Alert Expected Route Map, Speed, Eye, Timings, and more from this article. In Odisha, the month of Oct and Nov are considered the “cyclone period.” This article will discuss the details of Odisha Cyclone Alert Expected Route Map, Speed, Eye, and Timings.

Odisha Cyclone Alert

According to the reports, the government of Odisha has started preparing for possible disasters. In Odisha, the month of Oct and Nov are considered as the “cyclone period.” The Chief Secretary PK Jena conducted high-level meetings and asked the department secretaries and Dist. Collectors to take precautions after 10th Oct for 45 days.

In a meeting, HR Biswas, director of the Meteorological Centre Bhubaneswar, suggested to the Odisha govt that the southwest rainy season will tentatively depart from the state by 10th Oct.

In the Bay of Bengal, favorable weather environments are produced for storms within 45 days of the state’s monsoon departure. HR Biswas also told the state govt. to stay alert for 45 days from 10th Oct.

In a super cyclone on 29th Oct 1999, more than 10,000 people lost their lives in the coastal region of Kendrapara and Jagatsingpur. Cyclone Phailin again impacted these regions on 11 October 2013.

Odisha Cyclone Expected Route Map

India Meteorological Department is currently working on getting more details on Odisha Cyclone. This information will be a way for the citizens to take necessary precautions or steps to conserve life, flora, and fauna.

Odisha Cyclone Alert

According to the details that were shared on Sunday, the cyclone will take a route via Bangladesh, moving from the Bay of Bengal. IMD data is authentic and effective as it is the most researched one.

Odisha Cyclone Alert Overview

Article Title Odisha Cyclone Alert
State Odisha
Predicted Month for a Natural Calamity in Odisha Oct and Nov
Authority Name India Meteorological Department
Tentative Cyclone Date 10th Oct
Route via Bay of Bengal from Bangladesh
Speed Around 70 kmph
Cyclone Relief by Odisha Government

Odisha Cyclone Speed

Every year, Odisha is hit by cyclones, which impacts the resident’s lives. In May 2023, Cyclone Mocha came into the state at 50-70 kmph speed. Cyclone Mocha impacted West Bengal and Odisha both. Since 1999, Odisha faced ten major cyclones. Two of them were the most devastating cyclones – Cyclone Phailin in 2013 and Cyclone Fani in 2019.

In October 2023, the Odisha government started taking precautions for the upcoming cyclone in the state. And it is difficult to say the speed of the forthcoming Odisha Cyclone. Odisha state is known for the management of storms. In the past cyclone crisis, the government was able to lessen the number of deaths in natural calamities like cyclones.

Odisha Cyclone Timings

The time for the cyclone will depend on the weather conditions after ten days of October month. The name that has been given to this disaster is Cyclone Mocha. The prediction is for heavy rains and strong winds in the different areas of the state. The citizens of the nearby states might have experienced the effect of the Odisha Cyclone in teh form of rainfall or unusual weather conditions.

Steps by the Odisha Government for Cyclone Relief

The Odisha Government is taking the best possible precaution for the state’s citizens. Chief Secretary PK Jena said all the officials should be prepared by 10th October, and all the arrangements should be completed. He told the department to keep their machinery and officials ready if required.

Jena also asked the unit to read all the latest equipment used for rescue and aid operations during the crisis. Jena asked the officials to make sure that all the tube wells are in working condition in urban and rural areas. The Odisha government is also taking care of the medicines store and ambulances in case of an emergency.

The citizens must gather the groceries, food items, and more in stock that are needed. This step will be helpful just in case you face an extreme situation from the cyclone. During such uncertain weather conditions, avoid moving outdoors or on the terrace. You must stay at your home. There is a possibility that electricity might not be available; thus, keep a candle, matchstick, emergency light, etc., with you.

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