Aprilia RS 457 Price in India, Photos, Top Speed, Seat Height, Mileage

Aprilia RS 457 Price in India, Top Speed, Seat Height, Mileage, Photos and many other details about the bike are available here. The world of motorcycles is buzzing with excitement as Aprilia introduces its latest marvel, the Aprilia RS 457. This bike packs a punch with its powerful 457cc engine, promising an exhilarating riding experience.

Aprilia RS 457

If you’re a fan of high-speed rides and cutting-edge technology, the RS 457 might just be your dream come true. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the details of the Aprilia RS 457, including its price in India, launch date, top speed, seat height, mileage, and a glimpse of its captivating photos.

The Aprilia RS 457 is a stunning addition to the world of sports bikes. Its heart, a robust 457cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin cylinder engine, promises to deliver a thrilling 48.6 PS of power. This powerhouse of an engine is paired with a 6-speed gearbox equipped with a quick-shifter, ensuring seamless gear transitions for an unmatched riding experience. Let’s explore this machine’s specifications in detail.

Aprilia RS 457 Specifications

Specification Details
Gearbox 6-speed with quick-shifter
Engine 457cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin cylinder
Suspension Front: 41mm USD fork (120mm wheel travel)
Swingarm Steel with underbelly exhaust
Frame Twin-spar aluminium

The Aprilia RS 457 boasts a liquid-cooled engine, a rarity in its price range, providing optimal performance and temperature control. The parallel-twin cylinder setup ensures power delivery is smooth and consistent. With its 6-speed gearbox and quick-shifter, gear changes are a breeze, making your ride even more enjoyable.

Aprilia RS 457 Price in India

Aprilia RS 457 Price in India

One of the most critical factors for any potential buyer is the price, and Aprilia has kept the RS 457 affordable without compromising on features or performance. The starting price for this phenomenal bike is set at Rs. 4.25 lakh.

This competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for riders seeking high-end performance without breaking the bank. When factoring in taxes and insurance, you can own the Aprilia RS 457 for approximately Rs. 4.5 lakh.

Aprilia RS 457 Launch Date

The Aprilia RS 457 is set to hit the Indian market in September 2023, marking an exciting addition to the lineup of superbikes available to enthusiasts. The anticipation for its launch is building, and biking enthusiasts can’t wait to experience the thrill of this remarkable machine.

Aprilia RS 457 Top Speed

For adrenaline junkies, top speed is a critical consideration. The Aprilia RS 457 doesn’t disappoint, and it’s engineered for high-speed adventures.

While the exact top speed is yet to be officially confirmed, its powerful 457cc engine suggests that it will provide impressive speed and acceleration capabilities, making it a formidable contender in its class.

Aprilia RS 457 Seat Height

The seat height of a bike can significantly influence rider comfort and confidence. Unfortunately, specific details about the seat height of the Aprilia RS 457 are not available in the provided information.

For those concerned about seat height, we recommend reaching out to Aprilia or visiting a dealership to obtain precise seat height information.

Aprilia RS 457 Mileage

Mileage is a key consideration for riders, and the Aprilia RS 457 is expected to deliver competitive fuel efficiency. Similar to its rivals, it is estimated to provide mileage ranging from 28 km per liter to 35 km per liter.

Additionally, this high-performance bike is capable of reaching its top speed in less than 15 seconds and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, making it a thrilling ride for speed enthusiasts.

Aprilia RS 457 Photos

To truly appreciate the Aprilia RS 457’s striking design and engineering, take a look at these exclusive photos:

Aprilia RS 457


The Aprilia RS 457 is a game-changer in the world of sports bikes. With its potent 457cc engine, competitive pricing, and imminent launch, it’s set to capture the hearts of biking enthusiasts across India.

While specific details about seat height are awaited, the bike’s specifications, top speed, and mileage are poised to make it a favorite among those seeking high-speed adventures.

Stay tuned for the official launch, and prepare to experience the thrill of the Aprilia RS 457 on the open road. For more updates on this exceptional bike and other automobile news, keep visiting our website.

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