Who is Supporting Hamas – Countries Supporting Hamas in Conflict

In this article, we will discuss Who is Supporting Hamas – Countries Supporting Hamas in Conflict and how the conflict started. There is an ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. This conflict has its roots from as late as 1917 when the British came up with the Balfour Declaration. It was further intensified when the UN launched a partition plan for Israel with its Jewish population and Palestine with the Arab people. Continue reading to know about recent happenings and who is supporting Hamas.

Who is Supporting Hamas?

Hamas was established back in 1987. It is a group of Palestinians who want their land back from the Jewish people. Hamas has been the independent ruling body in the Gaza Strip for the last sixteen years. They also have a military group popularly known as Qassam Brigades.

A lot of countries from the West often refer to it as a terrorist group. Hamas is being supported by the militant group of Lebanon, which is famously known as Hezbollah. They were among the first ones to stand in support of Hamas and Palestine.

Militant Group Hamas

The Hamas militant group aims to take back the territory which Israel had occupied many years before. It is a group of Islamic people formed against the Israeli forces.

Who is Supporting Hamas

They have overlooked any peace agreements between the two countries involved in the conflict. They are not ready to surrender any of their land to Israel and, hence, are retaliating time and again.

Israel Hamas Conflict

The roots of the Israel-Hamas conflict can be traced back to the Balfour Declaration. According to this declaration, the British immigrated Jewish people, mainly from Europe in Palestine, who were facing hardships.

Native Palestinians felt uneasy in their own country and started mass agitation. According to reports, approximately 3.7 lakh+ Jewish people immigrated to Palestine between 1920 and 1946.

In the most recent conflict between the two nations, Hamas launched a secretive attack on Israel from land, air and water. This resulted in the death of thousands of Israelis and injured a lot more. Shocked by this attack, the Israelis are retaliating and have launched an operation named ‘Iron Swords’.

Countries Supporting Hamas in Conflict

Over the years, Hamas has been gaining support from Arab nations time and again because of their sentimental beliefs. In the most recent conflict, Iran has shown significant support and praised the acts of the Hamas group. Afghanistan has also supported them by releasing a statement in which they condemned the attacks done by Israel. Other countries like Qatar, Lebanon and Yemen are also standing in support of Hamas, calling their act as self-defence for their identity as a nation. While Saudi Arabia, which has been on good terms with Israel in the recent past, has asked both countries to choose the path of peace and violence.

What are the Consequences of the Conflict on the World?

  • Since the Middle Eastern countries are important sources of Oil, the oil prices will surge due to the disruption of the supply chain and the unrest in the region.
  • In today’s scenario, all the countries are interdependent to fulfil their demands and needs. After the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the world economies are facing the repercussions of the war. These will be further escalated due to the emergence of this conflict.
  • India imports explicitly a lot of its defence equipment from Israel. These could be delayed in the situation of a war, which might not be favourable with China and Pakistan on its borders.

In the end, it is the peace and harmony which pave the way for the success of all the countries together. Violence shall not be considered as an option rather, differences can be solved with mutual talks and discussions.

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