Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023 Points Table, Schedule, Live Score, Today Match

Know the specific details of Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023 Points Table, Schedule, Live Score, Today Match, and more here. Yuva Kabaddi Series is an initiative for young Kabaddi players to showcase their talent across India. It was launched in 2022. To know the details of the Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023 Points Table, scroll this article.

Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023

Yuva Kabaddi Series is a Kabaddi Tournament for the junior category in India. Founded by Mumba CEO Vikas Kumar Gautam and Suhail Chandhok in 2022, the series has now become popular among players, fans, and supporters. Yuva Kabaddi Series conducted its first tournament in Jaipur, Rajasthan, in May & June 2022, which was the first edition called Summer Edition 2022.

YKS is a long-duration tournament for the players of India under 23 years of age, and their weight should be under 80 kg. In Series 2022, three matches were conducted – Summer, Monsoon and Winter Edition in Jaipur, Ranchi and Puducherry. You must be interested to know more about Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023. Continue reading the article to get the relevant information.

Yuva Kabaddi Series Latest News

As per reports, Series was appointed Cars24 as their title sponsor. Cars 24 is a leading company in the AutoTech market for selling and buying used cars. You might have accessed its application or the official website to sell or purchase a vehicle.

Yuva Kabaddi Series

Suhail Chandhok who is the co-founder of Yuva Kabaddi Series said in a statement that they are pleased to partner with a brand like Cars24. This partnership is the start of an exciting journey, and we’re ready for the rapid growth of Kabaddi in India.

Yuva Kabaddi Series appointed Veera as their ‘Secure Browsing Partner’. Veera is the first Indian mobile-only internet browser. Veera is committed to transforming the digital experience for its users in India.

According to this news, you can analyse that this Kabaddi Series have become prominent among the other Sports that are being in the country. The individuals are expecting the new series to be one of the fantastic ones.

Yuva Kabaddi Series Overview

Name Yuva Kabaddi Series
First tournament Yuva Kabaddi Series Summer Edition 2022
Total teams 9
Country India
Most successful Hampi Heroes (2 titles)
Current champion Palani Tuskers (1st title)
Most tackle points Lokesh Jaisaram Ghosliya (338)
Most raid points Nitin Kumar Dhankhar (535)
Slogan Josh Jazba Junoon
For More Details yuvakabaddi.com

Yuva Kabaddi Series Points Table 2023

The Challenger Round is for the players among the opponents in the competition with which a winner or a loser is decided. The points table is later prepared according to the matches played, winner or loser, etc.

Sr No. Team Played Won Loss Total Points
1 MM 4 0 0 2
2 MMS 4 1 3 5
3 HTS 4 1 3 6
4 TTS 4 1 3 6
5 VVS 4 1 2 9
6 SS 4 2 2 10
7 KAR 4 1 2 10
8 CCS 4 0 1 10
9 PPS 4 2 2 12
10 PPE 4 2 2 13
11 HMH 4 2 1 15
12 NKS 4 3 1 17
13 AAS 4 3 1 18
14 MLM 4 3 1 17
15 PLT 4 4 0 24
16 CHV 4 3 1 18

In the table above, we have shared the points table for the Challenger Round. Similarly, the table for the Monsoon edition will be created. We will keep you updated on the same.

Yuva Kabaddi Series Schedule 2023

Today, on 29th September, there are six matches of the Yuva Kabaddi Series – Monsoon Edition.

  • Sindh Sonics vs Maurya Mavericks at 10 am.
  • Tadoba Tigers vs Himalayan Tahrs at 11:15 am.
  • Vijaynagara Veers vs Maratha Marvels at 12:30 pm.
  • Nilgiri Knights vs Hampi Heroes at 4:00 pm.
  • Aravalli Arrows vs Periya Panthers at 5:15 pm.
  • Mruthal Magnets vs Panchala Pride at 6:30 pm.

Monsoon Edition started from September 24 till October 22. We’ve covered the details of a few matches. If you want a complete schedule of Series Monsoon Edition, then you can check out their official website.

Yuva Kabaddi Series News 2023

In Summer Edition 2022, Murthal Magnets won the match against a solid team, Periyar Panthers. Prateek Dahiya was the best attacker in this tournament. But his team, Kaziranga, didn’t qualify for the finals, inspite of his outstanding performance. Then he went to Pro Kabaddi Season 9 and became a leading raider.

In Monsoon Edition 2022, Hampi Heroes won the match; this team’s best raider was Vishal Chahal. It was conducted in Ranchi in Harivansh Stadium between 10th September to 21st October.

In Winter Edition 2022, Hampi Heroes again won the match. It was conducted in Puducherry from 27th Nov to 30th Dec 2022. In this season, for the first time, a team from J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) also participated in YKS. Irfan Ahmed was the first Kabaddi player from Jammu & Kashmir in the Series.

In KMP YKS 2022, the Ahmednagar District team won the match. It was the fourth edition of the Yuva Kabaddi Series 2022. It was conducted in Pune in April ’23. Ajit Pawar created a niche for himself, and only the Maharashtra team participated in this.

Now, the wait is for the Monsoon Edition that will be starting soon. Visit our Home Page to get the latest updates.

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